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Innovation & Process

Recognize important local government practices and processes that guide the implementation of sustainability and accelerate community-scale achievement across STAR Goal Areas

The Innovation & Process (IP) category is an avenue for discovering emerging and cutting-edge practices that communities are implementing to improve local sustainability. IP also rewards communities for putting into place best practices and processes to underpin and support continuous improvement in sustainability outcomes. There are 4 sections in this category: Best Practices & Processes; Exemplary Performance; Local Innovation; and Good Governance.

Objective Number Objective Title and Purpose


Best Practices & Processes: Recognize important local government practices and processes that underpin the implementation of sustainability measures and accelerate community-scale achievement across STAR goal areas 


Exemplary Performance: Reward performance in Community Level Outcome measures or Local Action measures that significantly exceeds the evaluation criteria established by the existing STAR Community Rating System 


Local Innovation: Encourage and reward creative, effective approaches to enhancing a community’s environmental, social, and/or economic sustainability not reflected in existing STAR objectives or evaluation measures


Good Governance: Recognize the achievement of demonstrated outcomes and good practices in governance that elevate achievement and success rates across multiple goals and objectives 

To see the submission requirements for this goal area, view the Innovation & Process section of the rating system.

Top Achieving Communities

  • Kansas City, KS: 50/50, 4-STAR Certified Community
  • Seattle, WA: 50/50, 5-STAR Certified Community
  • Cambridge, MA: 50/50, 5-STAR Certified Community
  • Baltimore, MD: 48/50, 5-STAR Certified Community
  • Indianapolis: 45.4/50, 4-STAR Certified Community