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Education, Arts & Community

Empower vibrant, educated, connected, and diverse communities

The 6 objectives of STAR’s Education, Arts & Community Goal Area promote an educated, cohesive, and socially connected community. EAC-3: Educational Opportunity & Attainment evaluates achievement and equitable access to a quality education so that all students may realize their full potential. EAC-1: Arts & Culture and EAC-5: Social & Cultural Diversity respect and celebrate the contributions that the arts and diversity bring to vibrant neighborhoods and communities.

Recognizing the importance of social connections within the community, EAC-4: Historic Preservation seeks to preserve the historical buildings and cultural resources that link the community to its past, while EAC-2: Community Cohesion encourages positive social interaction amongst neighbors. EAC-6: Aging in the Community addresses many issues of intergenerational importance, but focuses on enhancing quality of life as people age.

Objective Number Objective Title and Purpose


Arts & Culture: Provide a broad range of arts and cultural resources and activities that encourage community member participation, creative self-expression, and community revitalization 


Community Cohesion: Promote socially cohesive neighborhoods where residents are connected, have a sense of place, and feel committed to their community 


Educational Opportunity & Attainment: Achieve equitable attainment of a quality education for individuals from birth to adulthood 


Historic Preservation: Preserve and reuse historic structures and sites to retain local, regional, and national history and heritage, and reinforce community character 


Social & Cultural Diversity: Celebrate, respect, and represent the diverse social and cultural backgrounds of the community and its members 


Aging in the Community: Encourage active aging by optimizing opportunities for health, participation, and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age 

Each of the above objectives contains quantitative outcome and qualitative action measures. To see the evaluation measures, view the Education, Arts & Community section of the rating system.

Top Achieving Communities

  • Washington, DC: 68.2/70, 4-STAR Certified Community
  • Cambridge, MA: 65.3/70, 5-STAR Certified Community
  • Iowa City, IA: 65.3/70, 4-STAR Certified Community
  • Northampton, MA: 64.9/70, 5-STAR Certified Community
  • Baltimore, MD: 63.8/70, 5-STAR Certified Community