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Economy & Jobs

Create equitably shared prosperity and access to quality jobs

The 6 objectives of STAR’s Economy & Jobs Goal Area work together to promote equitably shared prosperity and access to quality jobs. EJ-1: Business Retention & Development and EJ-3: Local Economy both focus on supporting existing businesses within the community to retain workers and drive expansion to create a self-reliant local economy. Economic development efforts should consider not only the number of businesses, but the mix of businesses that suit the community and respond to its needs.

Recognizing that a robust local economy also needs to attract and incubate new businesses, EJ-5: Targeted Industry Development and EJ-2: Green Market Development seek to focus industry clusters and promote emerging green industries that protect the environment while strengthening and diversifying the local economy.

EJ-4: Quality Jobs & Living Wages evaluates workers’ quality of life through increased household income and living wages, while EJ-6: Workforce Readiness recognizes the importance of a skilled workforce to fulfill local business needs and take advantage of available job opportunities.

Objective Number Objective Title and Purpose


Business Retention & Development: Foster equitable economic prosperity and stability by retaining and expanding businesses in all neighborhoods with support from the business community 


Green Market Development: Increase overall market demand for products and services that protect the environment 


Local Economy: Create an increasingly self-reliant community through a robust local economy that strongly supports small independent businesses 


Quality Jobs & Living Wages: Expand job opportunities that support upward economic mobility, offer supportive workplace policies, and pay living wages so that all working people and their families can afford basic necessities without governmental assistance  


Targeted Industry Development: Increase local competitiveness by strengthening clusters of businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions 


Workforce Readiness: Prepare the workforce for successful employment through increasing attainment of post-secondary education and improving outcomes of workforce development programs 

Each of the above objectives contains quantitative outcome and qualitative action measures. To see the evaluation measures, view the Economy & Jobs section of the rating system.

Top Achieving Communities

  • Cambridge, MA: 91.7/100, 5-STAR Certified Community
  • Baltimore, MD: 87.3/100, 5-STAR Certified Community
  • Northampton, MA: 85.4/100, 5-STAR Certified Community
  • Seattle, WA: 83/100, 5-STAR Certified Community
  • Austin, TX: 77.4/100, 4-STAR Certified Community