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STAR Communities Board Approves Strategic Plan

Earlier this year, the STAR Communities Board of Directors approved a strategic plan for 2017-2020. The new strategic plan guides the organization’s activities and presents an updated mission, vision, and core values for the organization.

STAR Communities became an independent 501c3 organization in 2012. The rating system was released in pilot program that same year. Five years later, nearly 70 communities have received a STAR Community Rating; hundreds are engaged in our programs; and thousands around the globe have accessed the rating system and its companion guides and resources.

Our renewed mission and call to action is to deliver standards and strategies to advance sustainable communities. Our vision is for the STAR Community Rating System to serve as a catalyst and transformative tool toward more sustainable communities in the US and beyond.

Five core strategies will help us to achieve our goals. We will:

  1. Deliver the leading framework for sustainable communities
  2. Measure and communicate STAR’s impact on community conditions
  3. Expand participation and depth of engagement
  4. Increase our financial security; and
  5. Support organizational capacity and growth.

To learn more, download the strategic plan here.

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