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Recruitment: Steering Committee & Technical Advisory Group Members

STAR Communities is pleased to announce a call for applications for volunteer experts to serve as Steering Committee (SC) and Technical Advisory Group (TAG) members to the STAR Community Rating System (STAR). STAR is the nation’s leading framework and certification program for evaluating the livability and sustainability of U.S. communities.

STAR was developed to help cities, towns, and counties measure their current levels of achievement in such diverse areas as “Health & Safety,” “Natural Systems,” and “Economy & Jobs.” The program sets ambitious performance targets to drive continuous improvement and encourage greater accountability, while its third-party certification process provides an objective review of the community’s accomplishments.

We are currently seeking experts with technical knowledge across the rating system’s diverse framework of goals and objectives to serve on the Steering Committee and Technical Advisory Group. Both are formal committees of STAR Communities.

General Role

The Steering Committee serves as the governing body responsible for guiding the development of the STAR Community Rating System. The committee is charged with maintaining the rating system as a leadership tool, preserving its integrity, and evolving STAR using the consensus process in accordance with the mission, guiding principles, and strategic plan of STAR Communities.

The Technical Advisory Group works to enhance and clarify the metrics and methods within the STAR Community Rating System. The group maintains and advances the technical aspects of the rating system; continuously builds, improves, and advances credit intents, requirements, and guidance; and upholds the technical rigor, fairness, and transparency in the STAR Community Rating System development process.


All volunteer committee members are expected at a minimum to attend quarterly meetings by web or teleconference. The SC meets in January, April, July, and October. The TAG meets in March, June, September, and December. Typical tasks include review of documents and slide decks in advance of meetings and participation in meeting discussions. During a rating system evolution, participation may be more intensive to address changes. Though total time varies, committee members contribute approximately 2 – 5 hours a quarter.

Decision Making Procedures

The rating system was developed and continues to evolve using a consensus-based approach to decision-making. All issues are discussed collectively and, with facilitated guidance, the committees strive for consensus. However, when working on specific time-constrained matters, an issue could be decided based on a “majority rules” approach.

Selection Criteria

STAR Communities reserves the right to select committee members based on the following criteria:

  • Has relevant technical experience in one or more STAR goal area.
  • Has professional experience working in or with local government and/or developed an understanding of local government operations and capacity.
  • Has worked with metrics, indicators, technical data, and/or certification programs.
  • Has contributed to a community’s certified STAR Community Rating.
  • Is able to be an objective arbiter and is not biased by professional obligations.
  • Works for a STAR Member Community or a STAR Affiliate.

Selection Process

STAR Communities staff will review all applications and make recommendations to the appropriate governing body. Applications for the Steering Committee are reviewed by the Steering Committee then recommendations are sent to the Board of Directors for approval. TAG members are approved by the Steering Committee. All applicants can expect to be notified of their selection within approximately one month of the application deadline. STAR Communities staff will update applicants on the process.

Application Instructions

Please complete the application with as much information as necessary to demonstrate your commitment and interest in serving as a Steering Committee (SC) or Technical Advisory Group (TAG) member to the STAR Community Rating System. Applications are due Friday, October 21st and should be submitted via email to info@starcommunities.org.

Download the application here.

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