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Goleta, CA: Certified 3-STAR Community

Cindy Moore, Sustainability Coordinator for Goleta shares their STAR story.

City of Goleta staffers were inspired to pursue STAR Certification because it focuses specifically on local governments and provides a comprehensive approach to defining sustainability. The City of Goleta will be developing its first sustainability plan and is looking forward to using the STAR framework to begin a conversation with government representatives and community members about what characteristics contribute to a sustainable community.

Understanding Goleta’s certification results will help frame conversations and better understand how existing activities contribute the City’s well being, as well as how the City might collaborate and focus future efforts. For example, pursuing STAR certification provided an opportunity for City staff to engage with the local Special Water and Sanitary District staff. Making these connections through STAR has created an added benefit of facilitating dialogue and sharing of resources on other important regional issues.

Learn more about Goleta’s 3-STAR rating.

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