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Cedar Rapids: Certified 4-STAR Community

After almost a year of work, Cedar Rapids has achieved a Certified 4-STAR Community Rating from STAR Communities. This is a significant accomplishment recognizing years of commitment from city leaders and staff.

Sustainability is more than a buzz word — it is a fundamental component of strong communities that endure and thrive. Sustainability is woven into core philosophies at the City of Cedar Rapids, driving local initiatives, goals, and partnerships as the City works to become a national model for environmental excellence. Cedar Rapids’ 4-STAR rating affirms the work the city and community partners have done and points to future opportunities for improvement.

More than 500 data points reflecting diverse initiatives and accomplishments were submitted to complete the STAR application. Cedar Rapids’ submission highlighted the community’s many successful green initiatives, including projects like the Middle Cedar Partnership Project, the Stormwater Cost-Share Program, and the MICRO loan program. Individuals from throughout the City’s many departments, community partners, the iGreenCR Team, and other stakeholders have been key supporters in these initiatives and the data collection for certification.

City Council and staff are now using the STAR assessment to make more informed decisions for the community and continue this vision of excellence for future generations. Moving forward, city staffers will align insights from the report with Council priorities and key city planning documents, such as EnvisionCR, to create Cedar Rapids’ first Sustainable City Government Plan.

Building a sustainable city requires a commitment from City government as well as every business, organization, and individual. When public and private organizations become better stewards of the environment, they create positive economic benefits for themselves and the entire community. The City of Cedar Rapids will continue to build on this success and focus on creating a strong, vibrant culture of sustainability, serving as an example for the entire community.

Learn more about the City’s performance in this infographic.

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