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Case Study: Measuring Environmental Justice with STAR

Environmental Justice Case StudyThe STAR Community Rating System provides a sound methodology and resources to help cities and counties that want to take a deliberate approach to environmental justice. This case study highlights how Houston, TX and Burlington, VT dealt with environmental justice issues in their communities.

In Houston, we explore how citizens organized to address the air pollution and public health hazards of being located next to the country’s second busiest port. Then Burlington shares how the city is reducing the lead hazards that come with an old housing stock and that disproportionately affect low-income communities.

Houston and Burlington pursued STAR Certification to credibly and transparently track progress toward overall sustainability objectives such as environmental justice. Both communities were part of the Spring 2014 Leadership Program and achieved STAR Community Ratings in April 2015. These success stories were included in their applications for STAR certification.

Download the electronic version of the Environmental Justice Case Study

Download the print version of the Environmental Justice Case Study

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