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Case Study: Partnerships to Advance Community Priorities with STAR

Memphis_Case_StudyIt’s an issue that trips up many local sustainability offices – staff, elected officials, and community members have lots of worthwhile project ideas, but with limited capacity, which ones should be prioritized? And with limited resources, how can those priorities get funded?

Quantitative measurement of sustainability conditions and trends is a key feature of the STAR Community Rating System, which can be challenging for some communities that have focused more on actions and planning. STAR provides a unique opportunity to evaluate your community’s strengths and challenges in order to direct resources efficiently and effectively to the areas of greatest need.

Read more in our latest case study from Memphis-Shelby County, TN about how their Office of Sustainability used participation in the STAR Community Leadership Program to build and leverage partnerships within the local government and the broader community, and to prioritize future investment and direct conversations with local funders.

Download the electronic version of the Memphis Partnerships Case Study.

Download the print version of the Memphis Partnerships Case Study.

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