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Announcing new Technical Advisory Group Members

STAR is proud to announce the 2014-2015 selections for the Technical Advisory Group. The purpose of the STAR Community Rating System Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is based on STAR’s guiding principle of continuous improvement.  The TAG’s mission is to enhance and where necessary clarify the STAR Community Rating System.  The group will address the following:

    • Maintain and advance the technical aspects of the existing STAR Community Rating System.
    • Continuously build, improve and advance credit intents, requirements and guidance.
    • Uphold the technical rigor, fairness and transparency in the STAR Community Rating System development process.
    • Holistically oversee, integrate, manage and envision the technical aspects of the STAR Community Rating System.

STAR Communities recruits for the TAG annually in the fall, unless there is a specific vacancy. Candidates must apply to be considered. The selection committee is comprised of STAR Communities staff and Steering Committee members.  STAR strives to maintain a balance of TAG members from across the full spectrum of the Rating System. TAG member term is 1 year, however members may serve up to 3 consecutive terms.

For more info on the technical advisors, please download the TAG bios document.

Rosanne Albright Brownfield Project Manager City of Phoenix
Kaye Bender Executive Director Public Health Accreditation Board
Jonathan Brewer Technical Director Carbon Solutions America, Inc.
Cal Broomhead Energy Program Manager San Francisco, CA
Emily Costello Senior Planner | Office of Smart Growth Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Roy DeWitt Interim Assisted Housing Manager Davenport Office of Assisted Housing
Patrice Frey President and CEO National Main Street Center
Robert Goff Division of Environmental Resources Chandler, AZ
Rebecca Kihslinger Science & Policy Analyst Environmental Law Institute
Kim Lundgren Sustainability Consultant Self-Employed
Carrie Makarewicz Researcher CU Denver
Kevin Nelson Policy Analyst United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)
Leslie Oberholtzer Principal, Director of Planning Coda Metrics
Curt Paddock Director Will County, IL
Andre Pettigrew Executive Director Clean Energy Solutions
Denise Quarles Director City of Atlanta  –  Mayor’s Office of Sustainability
Cindy Steinhauser Assistant City Manager City of Dubuque, Iowa
Michael “Mickey” Walker Chief Yarmouth, MA
Walker Wells Green Urbanism Program Director Global Green USA

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