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The Rating System

The STAR Community Rating System (STAR) is the nation’s first voluntary, self-reporting framework for evaluating, quantifying, and improving the livability and sustainability of U.S. communities. Download the FREE rating system HERE.

The rating system provides communities with a framework for sustainability encompassing the social, economic and environmental dimensions of community. Attaining a certified STAR Community Rating drives continuous improvement and fosters competition among local governments. STAR is supported by an online reporting tool that gathers, organizes, and presents information required to meet sustainability goals.

The release of the STAR Community Rating System represents a milestone in the national movement to create more livable, sustainable communities for all. STAR’s guiding principles, goals and objectives collectively define community-scale sustainability, and present a vision of how communities can become more healthy, inclusive, and prosperous across seven specific categories. The system’s goals and objectives provide a much needed vocabulary that local governments and their communities can use to more effectively strategize and define their sustainability planning efforts.

The STAR Community Rating System was developed using an open, consensus-based process led by committee members. Technical Advisory Committees comprised of experts from across the country determined scientifically valid, cost-effective ways of evaluating local government progress. A Steering Committee provided oversight and guidance. The result is a robust and comprehensive system that is flexible enough to serve both large and small jurisdictions, as well as leaders and local governments beginning their journey toward sustainability.