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Wichita Receives 3-STAR Rating from STAR Communities

City’s Sustainability Efforts Honored

Wichita has received national recognition for leading a collaborative effort to build a more sustainable and resilient community, Mayor Jeff Longwell announced today.

Wichita is the first city in Kansas and 41st in the nation to receive a 3-STAR Community Rating for sustainability leadership from STAR Communities, a national organization that evaluates the livability and sustainability of communities. STAR uses a robust sustainability rating system to track progress across seven sustainability objectives: built environment; climate and energy; economy and jobs; education, arts and community; equity and empowerment; health and safety; and natural systems. STAR’s framework includes seven community goals, 44 objectives and 500+ outcome and action measures.

“Wichita is making great strides toward addressing key areas crucial for our city’s growth and future success,” said Wichita city Council Member Janet Miller. “We are pleased with our three-star rating and plan to continue the collaborative work of fostering a high quality of life for all in our community.”

Wichita officials worked with several civic partners over the past year to achieve the 3-STAR rating. Partnering organizations included Workforce Alliance, United Way, Bike-Walk Wichita, and many others.

“Sustainable cities provide a healthy environment, support a strong economy and continually improve the well-being of the community,” said Hilari Varnadore, Executive Director of STAR Communities.

Nearly 100 communities use the STAR Community Rating System. There are three STAR certification levels, ranging from 3-STAR to 5-STAR. Other 3-STAR communities include Des Moines, Saint Louis, and Cleveland. Only three cities have received a 5-STAR Community rating.

STAR Communities works to evaluate, improve, and certify sustainable communities. The organization administers the STAR Community Rating System, the nation’s first framework and certification program for local sustainability. For more information, visit www.STARcommunities.org.

Download the official press release.

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