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Announcing: Fall 2016 Leadership STAR Community Program Cohort

Six Communities Across the Country Set to Kickoff Leadership Program under STAR Version 2.0

Washington, D.C. (September 14, 2016) – Today, STAR Communities announced the six new cities that comprise the Fall 2016 Leadership STAR Community Program. They include: Annapolis, MD; Devens, MA; Goleta, CA; New Bedford, MA; Peoria, AZ; and Reno, NV. These communities will be the first Leadership cohort to be certified under the updated STAR Version 2.0 Rating System. STAR Version 2.0 has been updated to reflect new trends in sustainability reporting as well as streamlined reporting requirements.

The program commenced on September 1st and runs through August 2017. On September 27-28, representatives from the communities will gather in Kansas City, MO, along with STAR staff and representatives from previous Leadership cohorts for a two-day orientation and training event. STAR staff will walk the new communities through the rating system framework and evaluation measures and lead them through a variety of hands-on exercises to calculate a preliminary score and develop an action plan for the year. Mentors from previous Leadership Communities Columbia, MO; Lawrence, KS; and Kansas City, MO will share best practices and tips for managing data collection, working with partners, and planning for post-certification gaps analysis and implementation.

The communities will spend the next six to nine months gathering data and reporting on progress before submitting their applications for certification and then will work on implementation planning and outreach for the last few months of the program.

This past spring, Ann Arbor, MI; Dallas, TX; Pinecrest, FL; and Winston-Salem, NC joined the Spring Leadership STAR Community Program, bringing the number of current Leadership Program participants up to 10 communities for 2016. Over the past 4 years, nearly 85 US communities have participated in the Leadership Program, which is now held once a year beginning in September. To learn more about the program or to register your community and begin using STAR Communities’ tools today, visit the “Get Started” section of our website at www.STARcommunities.org.


STAR Communities is a DC-based nonprofit that works to evaluate, improve, and certify sustainable communities. The organization administers the STAR Community Rating System, the nation’s leading framework and certification program for local sustainability. For more information, visit www.STARcommunities.org. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @STARCommRating.

Contact: Lacey Shaver
Manager, Community Engagement
STAR Communities
855-890-7827, ext. 105

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