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STAR Communities has developed a robust set of programs, tools, and services to meet the needs of a diversity of communities. Local governments that would like intro resources to support local sustainability and planning initiatives can sign up for the STAR Basic Access package. This free package provides tools and resources to get started with our proven framework and promote a healthy environment, a strong economy, and well-being for all residents.

When you’re ready to report, you can subscribe for the STAR Full Access package to receive access to the full suite of STAR tools and resources. Whether you’re interested in annual reporting of key indicators to compare performance against peers or looking for a comprehensive baseline evaluation of community sustainability for use in planning or policy making efforts, the STAR Full Access Package has the tools you need.

The Full Access package costs $1,000/year and includes valuable methodology and technical guidance manuals, resources for communicating sustainability progress, and tools to support data collection and reporting. It also entitles you to technical assistance and training from STAR staff.

Benefits Basic Access Full Access
STAR Community Rating System X X
Guide to using STAR to support community planning efforts X X
STAR Crosswalk project management spreadsheet tool X X
Email newsletter, quarterly webinars, case studies, and other STAR publications X X
Technical Guide to the STAR Community Rating System   X
Community account to the STAR Online Reporting Tool with access to the Resources hub and application for certification   X
Access to the Leading STAR Community Indicators dashboard with a public facing indicators page for your city/county   X
Web-based trainings to support reporting efforts   X
Technical assistance from STAR staff   X
Opportunities to participate in STAR’s development via governance and technical committees   X
National recognition for your sustainability efforts with a STAR Community Rating   X