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QuickSTARt Program

The QuickSTARt Program provides communities with benefits consistent with the STAR Community Leadership Program, which is a one-year all-inclusive package that provides STAR’s highest level of training and technical assistance to a cohort of city and county governments as they complete their first baseline community sustainability assessment by pursuing certification under the STAR Community Rating System.

Instead of working through the certification program as part of a cohort, communities in the QuickSTARt Program receive an upfront, multi-day workshop in the community to build buy-in and support for sustainability efforts, clarify and resolve numerous technical and data issues, and provide a clear pathway to achieving STAR certification.

Program Benefits

The program helps a community to quickly align local plans, programs, and policies with the STAR framework, identify the evaluation measures available to a community, support focused data collection efforts, and enable the early identification of new policies and programs that may support STAR certification. It will motivate the community’s local STAR project team, clarify and resolve numerous technical issues, and provide a clear pathway forward to certification and implementation.

STAR Communities staff will work with the community to identify an appropriate date for the workshop. The project team for the local community will spend 2-4 months getting oriented to the STAR framework and certification process via conference calls and remote webinars, doing preliminary research and alignment, and planning the in-person workshop.

The workshop will be tailored to the needs of the community, but primary goals will be to get buy-in and build understanding of the STAR framework and certification process, and to accelerate the data collection process to achieve STAR certification within a 6-8 month timeline.

Key benefits of the QuickSTARt Program include:

  • A 2-day in-person workshop for local staff and partners, that may include:
    • Orientation and training sessions;
    • Presentations to help get buy-in from elected officials, senior management, and/or community partners;
    • Data collection workshops to begin gathering information for certification; and/or
    • Planning and strategy sessions with the core project team.
  • A dedicated STAR Communities liaison to provide technical assistance throughout the year;
  • One year subscription to STAR tools and services, including reporting and certification tools;
  • Verification of the community’s submission to receive an official STAR certification; and
  • Recognition as a national sustainability leader.

Please contact program manager Lacey Shaver at lacey@starcommunities.org for more information and to request a quote or proposal.