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Communities that want access to our proven framework for local sustainability are encouraged to become STAR Member Communities. Membership provides you with the tools and resources to assess and improve your community’s efforts to promote a healthy environment, a strong economy and well-being for all residents. Membership also includes the opportunity to support on-going research and development of the STAR Community Rating System.

Demonstrate your commitment to local sustainability and the STAR Community Rating System as a STAR Member Community! STAR Member Community benefits include:

  • The opportunity to support on-going research and development of the STAR Community Rating System;
  • Access to the latest versions of the STAR Community Rating System and its companion Technical Guide;
  • STAR Communities’ quarterly web-based training programs;
  • The STAR Member Community logo for promotional use;
  • Eligibility for various committee memberships (technical + governance); and
  • the Start-Up Kit (see details below).

STAR Member Communities also receive a Start-Up Kit to help your community get started with STAR! Included are introductory tools like the Intro to STAR training program; How-To Guide; Crosswalk; and Self-Assessment Tool. You also receive access to STAR’s community engagement team for up to 2hrs of assistance over a 12-month period.

When ready, STAR Member Communities can choose from a menu of additional programs and services – like the popular Leadership STAR Community Program that supports communities as they pursue STAR Certification.

For more information, please download the Member Community Info Kit today! For questions or to set up an introductory call, please email info@starcommunities.org.

Not a local government?

The STAR Community Rating System was designed for use by local (town, city, county) governments. While partnerships are encouraged, the governmental entity is the approved primary applicant in the STAR Community Rating System and Reporting Tool.

Other community partners, organizations, universities, consultants, and federal agencies can become STAR Affiliates to support STAR Communities’ mission.