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Hundreds of communities across the country are already using the STAR Community Rating System to achieve a healthy environment, a strong economy and well-being for their residents.

There are many ways to get involved and enhance your community’s efforts to be more sustainable. But the most important step is the first one: Get Started!

Become a STAR Member Community.

Membership is the easiest way for a community to join the STAR network and gain access to tools and resources for measuring local sustainability. This annual membership is a great first step for those who are not yet ready for certification. STAR Member Communities set goals, measure progress and improve their community. STAR member benefits include:

  • Access to the latest versions of the STAR Community Rating System and its companion Technical Guide
  • A public-facing webpage on our site, which includes the scores for certified communities
  • STAR Communities’ quarterly web-based training programs
  • Eligibility for various committee memberships (technical + governance)
  • The opportunity to support on-going research and development of the STAR Community Rating System
  • The Start-Up Kit (see details below)

As part of your STAR Member Community subscription, you will receive introductory tools like the “Intro to STAR” training program; a How-To Guide; Crosswalk spreadsheet of STAR goals, objectives and measures; and the Self-Assessment Checklist to determine your community’s preliminary STAR score. You also receive access to STAR’s community engagement team for up to 2hrs of assistance over a 12-month period.

For just $500/year, you can demonstrate your sustainability leadership and add your community to the map of nearly 100 cities, towns, and counties using STAR to chart a path toward a more resilient, sustainable future.

Become a member today by registering through our online shop!

Need more information? Download the STAR Member Community info packet for additional details on this annual membership subscription. For questions or to set up an introductory call, please contact our Member Relations Manager, Aaron Lande at (855) 890-7827 x106.

Ready to certify?

STAR Member Communities can choose two different tracks to certification. They can pursue certification at their own pace by signing up for the Reporting Tools Package to gain access to the online application and supporting resources and trainings. Or they can choose to join our popular Leadership STAR Community Program, a one-year all-inclusive package that supports a cohort of communities as they pursue STAR Certification. STAR Communities is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2015 Leadership Program. Download the Fall 2015 Leadership Info Packet and the application today!

STAR Member Communities can also choose from a menu of additional programs and services designed to support communities on the certification track and post-certification.

Not a local government?

The STAR Community Rating System was designed for use by local (town, city, county) governments. While partnerships are encouraged, the governmental entity is the approved primary applicant in the STAR Community Rating System and Reporting Tool.

Other community partners, organizations, universities, consultants, and federal agencies can become STAR Affiliates to support STAR Communities’ mission.