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The STAR Community Rating System® (STAR) is the nation’s leading sustainability framework and certification program. STAR provides communities with a common framework for sustainability; a set of standardized metrics to assess and measure progress; and a transparent, independently verified certification program.

STAR is a framework.

The Rating System’s framework of goals, objectives and measures provides a roadmap to sustainability for local governments. Communities align their plans with STAR, integrate its standardized metrics and put into action the system’s vetted best practices. Read this case study on how Phoenix, AZ and Plano, TX aligned their comprehensive plans with the STAR framework.

To get started:

  1. Download the free version of the Rating System; then
  2. Register as a STAR Member Community to access planning tools and support services from STAR Communities. Review the STAR Member Community benefits for details.

STAR is a management tool and certification program.

The STAR certification program provides communities with a data-driven, independently verified assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. Improvement is measured through re-certification every 3 years. Communities report that STAR-certification is transformative, serving as a springboard for civic engagement, cross-agency coordination, integrated budgeting and performance management and more. Read this case study on how Memphis-Shelby County, TN developed their community partnerships and prioritized investment during the STAR certification process.

To get started:

  1. Register as a STAR Member Community with the Reporting Tools package to begin tracking and reporting today; and
  2. Consider applying to participate in our Leadership STAR Community Program. The Leadership Program begins on March 1 and September 1 of each year and is for those communities seeking training and technical assistance while they pursue certification.

Compare the two reporting and certification programs here.

Not a local government?

STAR was designed for use by local (town, city, county) governments. While partnerships are encouraged, the governmental entity is the approved primary applicant in the STAR Community Rating System and Reporting Tool.

Other community partners, organizations, universities, consultants, and federal agencies can become STAR Affiliates to support STAR Communities’ mission.