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2017 Leading STAR Indicators How-to Webinar

The 2017 Leading STAR Community Indicators program data collection period is now open. The Leading Indicators consists of 21 metrics based on outcome from the STAR Community Rating System and are organized into an online platform where communities can annually report and compare their results with other participating communities.

This webinar will provide step-by-step instructions for setting up your community’s Indicators profile, starting your 2017 report, and collecting and submitting data. There will be opportunities to ask questions.

Whether your community is new to STAR and sustainability data collection or has already been certified and is now looking to maintain and improve your efforts, the Indicators program can help.

The webinar is open to STAR subscribing communities and affiliates only.

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: STAR staff will complete the data collection for 3 Indicators for each community that attends this webinar to help get them started!!

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