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West Hollywood is a 1.9 square mile city located in the heart of the Los Angeles region, surrounded by the Cities of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Incorporated in 1984, the City is home to the Sunset Strip, the West Hollywood Design District and the Pacific Design Center, and nightlife area near Santa Monica and San Vicente Boulevards. West Hollywood is a leader in progressive policy innovation on topics such as LGBTQIA issues, social services, and affordable housing. It is also one of the densest cities in California in terms of dwelling unit density.

As a premiere city, we are proactive in responding to the unique needs of our diverse community, creative in finding solutions to managing our urban environment, and dedicated to preserving and enhancing its well being. Our General Plan, adopted in 2011, builds upon the City’s tradition of progressive policymaking, with innovative goals and policies to balance increased density with enhanced mobility, while maintaining quality of life and neighborhood character unique to West Hollywood. Our city’s 3-STAR Community Rating is a testament to our commitment for quality in all our actions by setting the highest goals and standards in the delivery of our programs and the execution of our operations.

Learn more about West Hollywood: https://www.weho.org/home



GOAL AREA Points Achieved
Built Environment 72.3/100
Climate & Energy 73.9/100
Economy & Jobs 51.8/100
Education, Arts & Community 76.3/100
Equity & Empowerment 27.7/100
Health & Safety 41.5/100
Natural Systems 8.7/100
Innovation & Process 36.0/50
Total 388.2/750


Objective Points Achieved
BE-1: Ambient Noise & Light 5.4/10
BE-2: Community Water Systems 10.4/15
BE-3: Compact & Complete Communities 16.6/20
BE-4: Housing Affordability 12.5/15
BE-5: Infill & Redevelopment 6.3/10
BE-6: Public Parkland 10.3/15
BE-7: Transportation Choices 10.8/15


Objective Points Achieved
CE-1: Climate Adaptation 6.5/15
CE-2: Greenhouse Gas Mitigation 15.0/15
CE-3: Greening the Energy Supply 13.5/15
CE-4: Energy Efficiency 5.8/15
CE-5: Water Efficiency 9.7/10
CE-6: Local Govt. GHG & Resource Footprint 8.9/15
CE-7: Waste Minimization 14.7/15


Objective Points Achieved
EJ-1: Business Retention & Development 18.9/20
EJ-2: Green Market Development 9.7/15
EJ-3: Local Economy 6.5/15
EJ-4: Quality Jobs & Living Wages 10.9/20
EJ-5: Targeted Industry Development 0.6/15
EJ-6: Workforce Readiness 5.2/15


Objective Points Achieved
EAC-1: Arts & Culture 13.1/15
EAC-2: Community Cohesion 14.1/20
EAC-3: Educational Opportunity & Attainment 10.2/20
EAC-4: Historic Preservation 11.8/15
EAC-5: Social & Cultural Diversity 14.4/15
EAC-6: Aging in the Community 12.7/15


Objective Points Achieved
EE-1: Civic Engagement 7.4/15
EE-2: Civil & Human Rights 0.8/10
EE-3: Environmental Justice 0.0/15
EE-4: Equitable Services & Access 0.0/20
EE-5: Human Services 10.5/20
EE-6: Poverty Prevention & Alleviation 8.9/20


Objective Points Achieved
HS-1: Active Living 12.5/15
HS-2: Community Health 1.8/15
HS-3: Emergency Management & Response 6.8/15
HS-4: Food Access & Nutrition 6.4/15
HS-5: Health Systems 2.5/10
HS-6: Hazard Mitigation 4.4/15
HS-7: Safe Communities 7.0/15


Objective Points Achieved
NS-1: Green Infrastructure 2.1/20
NS-2: Biodiversity & Invasive Species 0.3/10
NS-3: Natural Resource Protection 0.0/20
NS-4: Outdoor Air Quality 6.3/15
NS-5: Water in the Environment 0.0/20
NS-6: Working Lands 0.0/15


Objective Points Achieved
IP-1: Best Practices & Processes 10.0/10
IP-2: Exemplary Performance 10.0/10
IP-3: Local Innovation 6.0/20
IP-4: Good Governance 10.0/10