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With a population of over 235,000, Reno is the largest city in Northern Nevada. It is located in the southern part of Washoe County, nestled on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains at an elevation of 4,500 feet in an area called the Truckee Meadows.

Reno and the surrounding area provide unlimited indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Reno has excellent weather! The temperate climate year-round is characterized by sunshine more than 80% of the year. Spectacular Lake Tahoe and the largest concentration of ski facilities in the world are all within a fifty-mile radius. Biking, camping, hunting, fishing and mountain climbing are all activities Reno residents and visitors enjoy.

Reno’s appeal is not limited to recreational activities and entertainment. The highly rated educational system includes the University of Nevada with nearly 21,000 students who provide a positive ambiance to the community’s culture and diversity.

Reno is gaining recognition as a center for technology and distribution. Diverse high-tech companies leading innovative practices in clean energy, automotive, aviation, logistics, and information technology are growing alongside established tourism and hospitality industries.

To learn more visit reno.gov or http://www.whyreno.org/.





GOAL AREA Points Achieved
Built Environment 48.4/100
Climate & Energy 38.8/100
Economy & Jobs 54.7/100
Education, Arts & Community 68.0/100
Equity & Empowerment 36.1/100
Health & Safety 58.1/100
Natural Systems 54.2/100
Innovation & Process 20.0/50
Total 378.4/750


Objective Points Achieved
BE-1: Ambient Noise & Light 1.6/10
BE-2: Community Water Systems 13.0/15
BE-3: Compact & Complete Communities 11.1/20
BE-4: Housing Affordability 2.6/15
BE-5: Infill & Redevelopment 4.4/10
BE-6: Public Parkland 11.4/15
BE-7: Transportation Choices 4.3/15


Objective Points Achieved
CE-1: Climate Adaptation 0.0/15
CE-2: Greenhouse Gas Mitigation 15.0/15
CE-3: Greening the Energy Supply 6.4/15
CE-4: Energy Efficiency 4.1/15
CE-5: Water Efficiency 4.5/10
CE-6: Local Govt. GHG & Resource Footprint 1.2/15
CE-7: Waste Minimization 7.6/15


Objective Points Achieved
EJ-1: Business Retention & Development 17.2/20
EJ-2: Green Market Development 1.9/15
EJ-3: Local Economy 10.0/15
EJ-4: Quality Jobs & Living Wages 13.4/20
EJ-5: Targeted Industry Development 8.8/15
EJ-6: Workforce Readiness 3.5/15


Objective Points Achieved
EAC-1: Arts & Culture 10.5/15
EAC-2: Community Cohesion 14.1/20
EAC-3: Educational Opportunity & Attainment 16.5/20
EAC-4: Historic Preservation 11.1/15
EAC-5: Social & Cultural Diversity 10.7/15
EAC-6: Aging in the Community 5.1/15


Objective Points Achieved
EE-1: Civic Engagement 12.7/15
EE-2: Civil & Human Rights 0.0/10
EE-3: Environmental Justice 0.0/15
EE-4: Equitable Services & Access 14.0/20
EE-5: Human Services 0.8/20
EE-6: Poverty Prevention & Alleviation 8.7/20


Objective Points Achieved
HS-1: Active Living 9.9/15
HS-2: Community Health 3.9/15
HS-3: Emergency Management & Response 12.9/15
HS-4: Food Access & Nutrition 12.4/15
HS-5: Health Systems 5.3/10
HS-6: Hazard Mitigation 8.9/15
HS-7: Safe Communities 4.8/15


Objective Points Achieved
NS-1: Green Infrastructure 17.1/20
NS-2: Biodiversity & Invasive Species 1.8/10
NS-3: Natural Resource Protection 3.8/20
NS-4: Outdoor Air Quality 15.0/15
NS-5: Water in the Environment 16.5/20
NS-6: Working Lands 0.0/15


Objective Points Achieved
IP-1: Best Practices & Processes 0.0/10
IP-2: Exemplary Performance 10.0/10
IP-3: Local Innovation 5.0/20
IP-4: Good Governance 5.0/10