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In 1991, the U.S. Department of Defense, through the Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC) decided to close Fort Devens. Chapter 498 of the Acts of 1993 established a legal framework for the governance and redevelopment of the Devens Regional Enterprise Zone (Devens) to promote its’ expeditious and orderly clean-up, conversion and redevelopment. Chapter 498 delegated this responsibility to MassDevelopment – the State Economic Development Agency who manages the land and provides municipal services to Devens. Chapter 498 also established the Devens Enterprise Commission (DEC) – the regulatory and permit granting authority overseeing the redevelopment of Devens. The DEC is empowered to act as a local planning board, conservation commission, board of health, zoning board of appeals, historic district commission and, in certain instances, as a board of selectmen. Together, MassDevelopment and the DEC provide the traditional governmental services and functions of a typical town or city. Today Devens consists of 4,400 acres that has undergone, extensive demolition, environmental clean-up and infrastructure upgrades that has attracted significant economic reinvestment, provided much needed social services for the region and protected critical natural resources. Guided by a Reuse Plan that was developed in cooperation with the surrounding towns of Ayer, Harvard and Shirley, MassDevelopment and the DEC are overseeing the sustainable redevelopment of Devens into a thriving live-work-learn- play community. Bordering the beautiful Nashua River, Devens has a carefully planned environment where businesses and residents alike can draw strength from each other and prosper.


Learn more about Devens: http://www.devensec.com/http://www.devenscommunity.com/about-devens, and https://devensecoefficiencycenter.wordpress.com/




GOAL AREA Points Achieved
Built Environment 88.4/100
Climate & Energy 45.6/100
Economy & Jobs 79.3/100
Education, Arts & Community 67.4/100
Equity & Empowerment 60.5/100
Health & Safety 67.5/100
Natural Systems 85.8/100
Innovation & Process 36.5/50
Total 530.8/750


Objective Points Achieved
BE-1: Ambient Noise & Light 5.9/10
BE-2: Community Water Systems 13.8/15
BE-3: Compact & Complete Communities 16.9/20
BE-4: Housing Affordability 13.8/15
BE-5: Infill & Redevelopment 9.8/10
BE-6: Public Parkland 15.0/15
BE-7: Transportation Choices 13.2/15


Objective Points Achieved
CE-1: Climate Adaptation 10.9/15
CE-2: Greenhouse Gas Mitigation 2.5/15
CE-3: Greening the Energy Supply 11.6/15
CE-4: Energy Efficiency 8.4/15
CE-5: Water Efficiency 4.1/10
CE-6: Local Govt. GHG & Resource Footprint 0.8/15
CE-7: Waste Minimization 7.2/15


Objective Points Achieved
EJ-1: Business Retention & Development 20.0/20
EJ-2: Green Market Development 15.0/15
EJ-3: Local Economy 12.2/15
EJ-4: Quality Jobs & Living Wages 6.7/20
EJ-5: Targeted Industry Development 14.6/15
EJ-6: Workforce Readiness 10.7/15


Objective Points Achieved
EAC-1: Arts & Culture 13.4/15
EAC-2: Community Cohesion 17.5/20
EAC-3: Educational Opportunity & Attainment 11.9/20
EAC-4: Historic Preservation 13.9/15
EAC-5: Social & Cultural Diversity 3.3/15
EAC-6: Aging in the Community 7.4/15


Objective Points Achieved
EE-1: Civic Engagement 6.1/15
EE-2: Civil & Human Rights 2.1/10
EE-3: Environmental Justice 4.0/15
EE-4: Equitable Services & Access 16.2/20
EE-5: Human Services 12.1/20
EE-6: Poverty Prevention & Alleviation 20.0/20


Objective Points Achieved
HS-1: Active Living 11.1/15
HS-2: Community Health 12.2/15
HS-3: Emergency Management & Response 4.9/15
HS-4: Food Access & Nutrition 8.1/15
HS-5: Health Systems 8.0/10
HS-6: Hazard Mitigation 11.3/15
HS-7: Safe Communities 11.9/15


Objective Points Achieved
NS-1: Green Infrastructure 18.7/20
NS-2: Biodiversity & Invasive Species 7.8/10
NS-3: Natural Resource Protection 20.0/20
NS-4: Outdoor Air Quality 15.0/15
NS-5: Water in the Environment 12.7/20
NS-6: Working Lands 11.6/15


Objective Points Achieved
IP-1: Best Practices & Processes 5.0/10
IP-2: Exemplary Performance 9.5/10
IP-3: Local Innovation 12.0/20
IP-4: Good Governance 10.0/10