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Certification Services

Certifying your sustainability performance is a huge accomplishment, but it’s only the beginning of a community’s journey. The next step is to use your certification results to catalyze local action and transform your community.

Certification can serve as a springboard for civic engagement, cross-agency coordination, integrated budgeting and performance management, and more. Certified communities can use their certification results to:

  • Celebrate progress with community partners and residents
  • Engage employees and increase buy-in for sustainability work
  • Brand local sustainability efforts and attract economic development activity
  • Identify gaps and prioritize next steps
  • Direct resources efficiently and effectively to the greatest areas of need
  • Strengthen local plans, policies, and programs
  • Integrate performance metrics into city and county budgeting
  • Implement solutions and catalyze local action

We can also help you to use your rating to promote and enhance local sustainability efforts through marketing, implementation, and eventually, re-certification. We can also feature your work and share your successes with our national audience via conferences, publications, and webinars.

Examples — Results Reports & Analysis

After certification, consider taking on priority areas identified through your application. Our staff can help you to develop reports and conduct analysis to guide your implementation work.

Certification Results Reports: Need help interpreting your results? Let our staff kick off the gaps analysis process by creating a narrative report providing charts and graphics, comparisons of your progress to all other certified communities, and strengths and weaknesses in each goal area or category.

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Credit-level Implementation Reports: Did your final verification report reveal opportunities for improvement in a certain area? We can put together a custom report that dives into a subset of objectives and provides implementation recommendations and best practices based on how other communities have succeeded.

Custom Workshops

A customized workshop brings together key staff and local partners to begin implementation of priority projects based on your certification analysis. Learn more in this blog post about a workshop that we held for Plano, TX.

Plano city staff in a Sept 2015 workshop.

Facilitated Workshops: Want to bring government staff and community partners together to analyze your certification results and prioritize next steps? We have a range of presentations and hands-on exercises that can be tailored to meet the needs of groups of varying sizes. Our staff can develop the meeting design, materials, and provide facilitation for an in-person workshop.

Examples of topics that can be covered include:

  • Understanding the national context for certification
  • Viewing comparative results from similar communities
  • Prioritizing gap actions identified through certification
  • Understanding the relationship between actions and outcomes
  • Identifying the actions that are most likely to drive change
  • Integrating metrics into plans, reports, or budgets
  • Diving more deeply into particular content areas
  • Facilitated decision-making and consensus-building activities

Supported Workshops: Like the workshop ideas above but able to provide your own facilitation? Let our staff do the behind-the-scenes prep work and develop a meeting design and materials for you to facilitate in your community.

PR and Marketing 

Need assistance communicating your results to the community? We will work with you to create a custom package that meets your outreach and communications needs. Whether you need messaging documents, talking points, infographics, road signs, slide decks, or more, we can design and provide digital image files and/or help to arrange print jobs to help you get the word out.

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