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Category Archives: STAR Updates

Peoria Achieves a 3-STAR Community Rating

City Recognized for Sustainability Leadership Peoria, Ariz. (February 27, 2018) – STAR Communities announced today that Peoria, AZ has been awarded a 3-STAR Community Rating for national leadership in sustainability. Peoria is the 69th city in the nation to receive recognition from STAR Communities for its participation in the STAR Community Rating System (STAR), which... Read More

Reno recognized as a Certified 3-STAR Community for sustainability initiatives

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Reno, Nevada (February 22, 2018) — The Reno City Council and City Manager are proud to report that in 2017 the City of Reno became a Certified 3-STAR Community. STAR Communities® is a national framework for communities to measure progress toward a healthy environment, strong economy and improving the well being... Read More

STAR Objective Spotlight: Energy Supply and Efficiency

Energy powers cities and counties. It provides light and heat. It runs most machines, large and small, stationary and transitory. It can be contained in batteries, used on site, or distributed via a grid. It can be generated by physical or chemical processes. And, per the first law of thermodynamics, it can neither be created... Read More

Ann Arbor, MI: Certified 4-STAR Community

Matt Naud, Environmental Coordinator for Ann Arbor, MI shares their STAR story. The City of Ann Arbor has been a member of the Urban Sustainability Directors Network for 8 years and has followed the growth of STAR. While the idea of developing a uniform set of metrics across cities has great appeal, we struggled for several years... Read More

Devens, MA: Certified 4-STAR Community

Neil Angus, Environmental Planner for Devens shares the community’s STAR story. As a former military base, Devens has always had a commitment to sustainable redevelopment. This commitment stemmed from an initial planning charrette in the early 1990’s when the closure of Devens was announced. The surrounding towns of Ayer, Harvard, Shirley and Lancaster, along with numerous... Read More

Goleta, CA: Certified 3-STAR Community

Cindy Moore, Sustainability Coordinator for Goleta shares their STAR story. City of Goleta staffers were inspired to pursue STAR Certification because it focuses specifically on local governments and provides a comprehensive approach to defining sustainability. The City of Goleta will be developing its first sustainability plan and is looking forward to using the STAR framework to begin a... Read More

Columbia, SC: Certified 3-STAR Community

Mary Pat Baldauf, Sustainability Facilitator for Columbia shares their STAR story. In 2015, Columbia’s community development director indirectly introduced the City to STAR by asking whether Columbia was a sustainable community. She was working on a grant, and sustainable communities that had achieved STAR certification received extra points. She paid the City’s membership fee to pursue certification. Sadly,... Read More

STAR Q&A with Dylan Siegler on Powering Sustainable Cities

This month we hear from Dylan Siegler, Sustainability Specialist with NRG Energy and STAR Communities Board Member. Ms. Siegler recently wrote “Powering Sustainable Cities: Key Trends and Pathways to Success for City Leaders,” a white paper from NRG’s Sustainable Energy Advisory. The white paper examines how local public sector leaders are tackling the challenge of... Read More

Massachusetts’ Devens Community Achieves a 4-STAR Community Rating

Recognized for National Excellence Devens, Mass. – STAR Communities announced today that Devens, Massachusetts, has been awarded a 4-STAR Community Rating for national leadership in sustainability. The community is the 70th in the nation to receive recognition from STAR Communities for its participation in the STAR Community Rating System (STAR), which evaluates the livability and... Read More

STAR Objective Spotlight: HS-1: Active Living

Healthy Living in 2018 On New Year’s Eve, there is a tradition of taking pause, thinking of the year ahead, and declaring resolutions. The most often cited resolutions involve eating healthier, getting fit, and ending vices, like smoking or excessive drinking. To ring in 2018, this month STAR Communities is featuring Healthy Living factors from... Read More