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STAR’s Merger with USGBC

The STAR Communities nonprofit organization merged with the U.S. Green Building Council earlier this year. This blog post is intended to share frequently asked questions.  What happened to STAR Full Access subscriptions with the merger? All active STAR subscribers have become USGBC members at the Silver level. For a full list of Silver level member benefits: https://new.usgbc.org/benefits/silver... Read More

Q&A Series: Durham’s Sustainability Roadmap Outlines a Path to Becoming a World-Class Sustainability City

In 2017, Durham, NC developed an interdepartmental sustainability team with the goal of making Durham a world-class sustainability city. In June of 2017 the City published its first Sustainability Report and in November received a 4-STAR Community Rating. These efforts have led the City to develop a Sustainability Roadmap, which outlines goals and strategies to... Read More

STAR Q&A with Dylan Siegler on Powering Sustainable Cities

This month we hear from Dylan Siegler, Sustainability Specialist with NRG Energy and STAR Communities Board Member. Ms. Siegler recently wrote “Powering Sustainable Cities: Key Trends and Pathways to Success for City Leaders,” a white paper from NRG’s Sustainable Energy Advisory. The white paper examines how local public sector leaders are tackling the challenge of... Read More

Q&A Series: Reflecting on the QuickSTARt Workshop in Columbia, SC

This month we hear from Mary Pat Bauldaf, Sustainability Facilitator for Columbia, SC. In May 2017, STAR Communities traveled to Columbia to conduct a QuickSTARt Workshop, a multi-day program that accelerates data collection to reach STAR certification. After four months of data collection, Columbia has submitted their application and anticipates becoming South Carolina’s first certified... Read More

Q&A Series: Universal Recycling and Composting in Burlington, VT

This month we hear from Jennifer Green, Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Burlington, Vermont. Burlington received a 4-STAR Rating in April 2015. This month we are focusing on community efforts to reduce waste. At the time of Burlington’s certification, the City was three years in to the eight year roll out of Vermont’s Act... Read More

Q&A Series: Integrating STAR into Local Plans in Lawrence, KS

This month we hear from Eileen Horn, Sustainability Director in Lawrence and Douglas County, KS. Lawrence received a 4-STAR Rating in October 2016. Since that time, the City has used STAR outcomes as the metrics for their recently adopted Strategic Plan and incorporated STAR actions into an update to their Comprehensive Plan. What was Lawrence’s... Read More

Q&A Series: Building a Sustainability Coalition in Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem, NC received their 3-STAR Rating in February 2017, as a part of the Spring 2016 Leadership STAR Community Program. Wendell Hardin, Sustainability Manger, and Helen Peplowski, Sustainability Project Coordinator, tell us how the City took a comprehensive approach during their data collection, in order to assess the whole community’s sustainability. They also share how... Read More

Q&A Series: Addressing Climate Change at the Local Level with Iowa City and Phoenix

Local governments play a leading role in addressing climate change. To assist those efforts, on June 20th, STAR released a Climate Change Guide that provides comprehensive and easy-to-use guidance for advancing efforts in climate change mitigation and adaptation. In our Q&A this month, Brenda Nations, Sustainability Coordinator in Iowa City and Joe Gibbs, Air Quality Specialist with the City... Read More

Q&A Series with Rachael Schaffner of Fayetteville, AR

This month we hear from Rachael Schaffner, Sustainability Project Coordinator, in Fayetteville, AR. Fayetteville received a 3-STAR Certification in August 2014. In late 2016, the City conducted a survey to gather community perceptions on sustainability. What was the driving force behind conducting the Community Perceptions Survey? We conducted our Community Survey for 2 primary reasons.... Read More

Q&A with 4-STAR Community King County, WA

This month we hear from King County, WA, a member of the STAR pilot program and Certified 4-STAR Community. What was King County hoping would come out of completing the STAR certification process? King County has been an advocate and contributor to the STAR program since its inception and was excited to complete the certification process... Read More