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Category Archives: Objective Spotlight

STAR Objective Spotlight: Energy Supply and Efficiency

Energy powers cities and counties. It provides light and heat. It runs most machines, large and small, stationary and transitory. It can be contained in batteries, used on site, or distributed via a grid. It can be generated by physical or chemical processes. And, per the first law of thermodynamics, it can neither be created... Read More

STAR Objective Spotlight: HS-1: Active Living

Healthy Living in 2018 On New Year’s Eve, there is a tradition of taking pause, thinking of the year ahead, and declaring resolutions. The most often cited resolutions involve eating healthier, getting fit, and ending vices, like smoking or excessive drinking. To ring in 2018, this month STAR Communities is featuring Healthy Living factors from... Read More

STAR Objective Spotlight: HS-4: Food Access & Security

In November, it is a tradition for family and friends in the United States to gather to commemorate the first Thanksgiving. Food Banks solicit donations and meal staples are generously distributed to those in need. This generosity is based on the notion that such giving, by families with abundance, will help the hungry meet their... Read More

STAR Objective Spotlight: HS-7: Safe Communities

Crime happens in every city and county in the United States. The recent mass shooting in Las Vegas was a tragedy, just as every crime is that takes a life, our liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. This month, STAR Communities is focusing on HS-7: Safe Communities. This objective includes outcomes for crime rates and... Read More

STAR Objective Spotlight: CE-7: Waste Minimization

This month STAR is directing attention to objective CE-7: Waste Minimization. The goal of this objective is for communities to track how they reduce and reuse material waste produced in the community. In 2015, 258 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) were generated in the United States. This is equivalent to 0.8 tons per person or 4.41... Read More

STAR Objective Spotlight: EAC-3: Educational Opportunity & Attainment

Summer vacation days are waning. Principals and teachers are dusting off cobwebs, physically and mentally, and gearing up for the next school year to begin. This month, STAR Communities is directing attention to Objective EAC-3: Educational Opportunity & Attainment. Objective EAC-3 focuses on equitable attainment of quality education for individuals from birth to adulthood. Outcomes... Read More