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STAR Communities is a nonprofit organization that works to advance a national framework to evaluate and certify sustainable communities in North America. We rate communities on 45 objectives including economic, environmental, and social performance measures. STAR’s rating criteria are designed to assess communities’ sustainability efforts in a clear and data-driven way.

Since the beginning, we have embraced a consensus-based, stakeholder-driven process that brings together experts from across a variety of sectors, including city and county governments, state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, national associations, universities, utilities, and private corporations.

Our mission is to help cities and counties to set a clear path for sustainability with helpful tools that measure and track progress towards meaningful results that save money and improve communities. Since our launch in 2012, we’ve worked with over 150 U.S. cities and counties and certified over 60.

The STAR Community Rating System is made possible by a robust team of staff, experts that sit on our board and governing committees, and supporting affiliates and sponsors.