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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Cedar Rapids: Certified 4-STAR Community

After almost a year of work, Cedar Rapids has achieved a Certified 4-STAR Community Rating from STAR Communities. This is a significant accomplishment recognizing years of commitment from city leaders and staff. Sustainability is more than a buzz word — it is a fundamental component of strong communities that endure and thrive. Sustainability is woven into... Read More

Q&A Series: Durham’s Sustainability Roadmap Outlines a Path to Becoming a World-Class Sustainability City

In 2017, Durham, NC developed an interdepartmental sustainability team with the goal of making Durham a world-class sustainability city. In June of 2017 the City published its first Sustainability Report and in November received a 4-STAR Community Rating. These efforts have led the City to develop a Sustainability Roadmap, which outlines goals and strategies to... Read More

Corinth, TX Achieves a 3-STAR Community Rating

City Recognized for Sustainability Leadership Corinth, TX – STAR Communities announced today that the City of Corinth, TX has been awarded a 3-STAR Community Rating for national leadership in sustainability. The city is the 74th in the nation to receive recognition from STAR Communities for its participation in the STAR Community Rating System (STAR), which... Read More